Alt som du tenker på fins / Everything that exists in the mind is real

The project consisted of three videos and one sculpture that in different ways dealt with the life of the mind, where impressions are interpreted and analyzed in order to construct an image of reality. One of my aims was to highlight the presence of fiction in everyday life andr the role of body, mind and psychology in constructing what we consider to be reality.

Sometimes I get confused is a sculpture of a book that contains one of six houses depending on how you look at it.

The Place where different worlds meet can never become a centerpoint is a videoloop about a walk through the labyrinthine cellar of a house. The narrator in the video reflects and reacts on his surroundings in a stream of consciousness like state. A constant search for something unknown. A fictive world suggesting that everything is real.

Beyond the range of human perception is an interview with a biologist who has specialized in acoustics. We look at sounds that are inaudible to humans but that other animals can hear. We talk about the limits of interspecies communication and the scientist John Lilly, who in an attempt to live on equal terms with dolphins, flooded a whole apartment to create a space that humans and dolphins could share. 

Things that exist but cannot be seen is a silent video showing abstract microscopic images, followed by short texts describing inner and outer bodily sensations.