Objects and installations:


The Eye of the Beholder
Sculpture, mixed media, 2009

Sometimes I get Confused
Sculpture, mixed media, 2007

Å Andra sidan… Lisa Stålspets Vänder Världen Ut och In/ On the Other Hand… Lisa Stålspets Turns The World Inside Out
Installation with an oilpainting on a blinder and a narrative on loudspeakers. 2006

The World is Falling Apart
Digital print on canvas 50x70 cm, 2005



Tell Back Time

7 min video, 2008

Den Store Havfrue/ The Giant Mermaid
7 min video, 2007

Platsen där olika världar möts kan aldrig bli en mittpunkt / The place Where Different Worlds Meet Can Never Become a Centerpoint
6 min videoloop, 2007

Beyond the Range of Human Perception
5 min video, 2007

Things That Exist But Cannot Be Seen
9 min video, 2007

Levanger Sessions: recordings & remixes
Music video with the artist group “The DJ-Project” as a part of Levart. 2006-2007

Daphne Escapes
7 min video, 2007

Déjà Vu
5 min video, 2005


Drawing and painting:

Att Undfly Definitionen/ An Attempt to Escape Defining the Object
A4 pencil drawings, an ongoing project since 2007

Där Ute/ Out There
Collage 70x100 cm, 2006

Shouldn’t There be a Town Somewhere Here?
Pencildrawing 70x100 cm, 2006

Utväg/ Way out
Oilpainting 90x110 cm, 2005

Pencildrawing 105x120 cm, 2006

Världen ut & in/ The World Inside Out
Pencildrawing 48x36 cm, 2006

Utan titel/untitled
Pencildrawing 36x48 cm, 2006

Utbrott/ Eruption
Pencildrawing 36x48 cm, 2006