A Home for Artists / Konstnärshemmet.

There is a certain order. A movement pattern in the parquet. People have walked here. Wheelchairs and walking frames scrape marks into the varnish. The summer sun bleaches the walls. The couch has been pushed to the other end of the room, the bookcase has been moved half a meter to accommodate more wheelchairs. There are dark silhouettes on the wallpaper where the furniture used to stand. The walls show what it looked like originally. The floors and the doors betray what people are doing. The wood is creaking, the hinges squeak. All day long the house whistles and sings about the people that live and move about there. 

A Home for Artists, part 2.

A Home for Artists is a text work in the form of a series of three parts, written by Lisa Stålspets, about a fictional nursinghome for artists. The three parts of A Home for Artists are shown in connection with exhibitions and readings and also available by contacting



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