Levanger Sessions: recordings & remixes

4 min video  

«Levanger Sessions: recordings and remixes» was a project made by the artist group "The DJ-Project" hosted by the agency LevArt in Levanger. The project consisted of several parts among which the production of a cd and a musicvideo were made in collaboration with the people in Levanger.

The music video was made in collaboration with children between 6 and 15 years old in Levanger Kulturskole. The video paints a  humouristic picture of what life in a small town could be like. Throughout the year 2006-07 I gave the children an introduction to the most common animation techniques.
The children built models of some of the houses in Levanger that have the function of social meetingpoints. The library as well as the movie theatre ("Festiviteten") was included, together with the harbour and the park. Carolina Jonsson from "The DJ-Project" took part in the production of the musicvideo.

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