Welcome to an evening with the participants in the The Social City Stockholm / Istanbul- an exchange between Turkish and Swedish artists, designers and architects under the theme Patterns in the City - an investigation of the interwoven fabric of social life and art, architecture and design. At TAK Kadiköy, Istanbul. 

Participants are Eda Gecikmez, Pınar Akkurt, Güneş Terkol, Merve Gül Özokçu, Atıl Aggündüz & Oğul Öztunç (Piknik), Lisa Stålspets, Erica Jacobson and Rebecca Ahlstedt - in the company of the Swedish Cultural Counsellor Suzi Erşahin.

Exhibition together with Karianne Stensland at Babel visningrom,

Trondheim 2018.

Installation view from the solo exhibition Konstnärshemmet / A home for artists at RAM Galleri in 2016.

Read more about the booklovers here.

The artist novel A home for artists was incorporated in the Booklovers collection. This collection is the result of a research carried out by David Maroto and Joanna Zielinska, and it has been acquired by the Museum of contemporary art Antwerp (M HKA), to be part of the museum’s collection. Click here to access the artists' novels database hosted by M HKA.

Participation in Stories on Migration - Sweden beyond the Headlines, House of Sweden, Washington, 2017. A group exhibition curated by Rebecca Ahlstedt. Photo: My Hellsten.

The drawing Don't confuse desperation with being wild was purchased by Dalarna county council in 2016.

The Near and the Elsewhere is a seminar organized and initiated by Edvine Larssen and Lisa Stålspets.

A seminar built through a series of open end investigations into various practices dealing with space and spatiality. Mapping out threshold experiences, transitions and relational geographies. Also focusing on notions of the in-between or spaces of mobility, the seminar aims to touch upon imaginary and literary spaces as well as bodily and conceptual reflections through joining speakers from several fields.

Artwork for phd diplomas 2015. Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet.

Interview by Märit Aronsson for Artscene Trondheim about the work

Konstnärshemmet / A home for artists. Read the interview by clicking here.

Artist book of poster drawings in 200 copies, digital print, 2014. Available for purchase by contact.

NTNU artist of 2015, here recieving diploma and prize from Fredrik Schetelig, dean of the faculty of art and architechture at the Norwegian university of science and technology.

Guest editor for MÅG 13.  The issue 13 featured Anja Carr, Johanna Willenfelt, Marianna Uutinen, Elna Hagemann, Synnove G. Wetten in a text by Joanna Lundberg, and a special text by Beaconfield´s director Naomi Siderfin on Bodil Furu as well as a series of pencil drawings by Marianne Bengtsson. Link to magazine here.