What I do.

I work in various media, using techniques such as painting, drawing, sculpture and text.I often use different techniques together in a kind of fragmented storytelling where I investigate different ways of experiencing reality. My work often uses poetic measures in order to investigate the complex dynamics of seeing and being seen.

I have shown my work in both solo and group exhibitions in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Germany. I was contributing editor of the digital quarterly magazine Måg between the years 2011-2013. In 2014 I was awarded NTNU Artist of 2014-2015.

About My Work:

Spinning in nature's yarn.
By Simon Harvey.

Exerpts from the text Thinking things into being
By Taru Elfving.


Articles, essays and texts about other artists:

Måg Magazine #13.

Guest editor for issue 13 of the quarterly art magazine Måg,

published by Nabroad 2013.

Interview with Gosia Bojkowska.

Comissioned by Måg Magazine, published by Nabroad.

Attempts at getting closer to the wild.

Comissioned by Måg Magazine, published by Nabroad.

Text för Lina Berglunds utställning på Østfold Kunstnersenter

By Lisa Stålspets.

Katalogtext åt Therese Szatek/ Catalogue text for Therese Szatek

By Lisa Stålspets.